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Replacement Original Japan KIT rotary faders for professional mixers. Several modifications KITs with rotating channel faders and top desk panels designed  for mixers Vestax PMC-500, PMC-CX, PMC-50, PMC-55 and PMC-25 Series.

Price: CZK1,025 without VAT
with VAT: CZK1,240
Availability: in stock


    náhradní díly  Doporučeno využít autoriz.servis  Original Japan   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Vestax RF PRO KITs are replacement ALPS™ rotary input faders completely mounted on a PCB board with MOLEX / DPS connectors with a top panel to fit the mixers PMC-500 (4 faders), PMC-CX (3 faders) input channel section or PMC-50 / PMC-55 (4 faders), PMC-25 * (1 fader - * for mixer must be purchased equally 2 pcs). Rotary faders are supplied as KIT assembled. They are designed for easy user replacement instead of original factory INPUT CHANNEL SLIDE FADERS. They are suitable for some characters and styles of music mixing. Notice: older designation DM is identical with the newer RF. They are identical original Vestax products. For purchase original knob you must go to the "Knobs and Buttons section".

infoidea Tip: If you're not sure about the right choice, consult our customer support before your purchasing.



  • replacement special rotary fader KIT, designed for mixing desks PMC-500, PMC-CX, PMC-50/55 Series, PMC-25
  • precise quality and top performance of Vestax ALPS™ JAPAN brand professional faders
  • serves as a replacement for the slide faders fitted to the mixers listed above
  • quick user replacement with built-in MOLEX / DPS connectors on PCB
  • RF-500 PRO KIT for mixing consolles Vestax PMC-500 Series
  • RF-CX PRO KIT for mixing consoles Vestax PMC-CX Series
  • RF-50 PRO KIT for mixing consoles Vestax PMC-55
  • RF-50 PRO KIT for mixing consoles Vestax PMC-50
  • RF-25 PRO KIT for mixing consoles Vestax PMC-25
  • RF-500 PRO CP replaceable cover plate for RF-500



PDF soubor Tables of original spare parts & accessories Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Tables compatibility CF, IF, PF, RF Vestax (1,85 MB)



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Comments - Overview

  1. rf 500 pro kit (Cedric BENOIT, 24 Jul 2019 13:52:08) Reply | Show replies

    do you have it in stock ?

    1. Re: rf 500 pro kit (ADMIN Vestax, 8 Nov 2019 14:06:22) Reply

      Hello, yes. RF-500 KIT (old mark DF-500) we have on stock.

  2. DF 25 rotary faders for PMC 25 (nicolas forster, 8 Nov 2019 03:01:44) Reply | Show replies

    Hi, Im looking for a pair or 2 of the DF25 rotary faders for the vestax pmc 25. do you have it in stock?
    Many thanks. Nicolas Forster

    1. Re: DF 25 rotary faders for PMC 25 (Vestax ADMIN, 8 Nov 2019 14:11:02) Reply

      Hello, some types are permanently unavailable (sold out), some types can be assembled in the lab to custom order from spare parts. For model RF-25KIT is currently unavailable top cover plate. They should be produced in about a month, after it will be possible to assemble KIT upon custom order.