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Vestax Knob DF-380 HP

Vestax Knob DF-380 HP

Replacement knobs are designed for rotary faders Cue / Master or Level Headphone section of the Vestax MIDI controllers VCI-400 Series and VCI-380 Series.

Code: VCI3802008
€ 11.40
Availability: in stock

 Originální náhradní díly  Original Japan   ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Special replacement  ABS / Polymer knob with serrations of fingerboard, designed for shaft D-type, black color with a press-line, are intended for the rotary faders of MIDI controllers VCI-400 for Cue / Master Level Headphone and VCI-380 Series FX Select rotary encoders. 



  • replacement knob for Cue / Master Level Headphone VCI-400 Series rotary faders
  • compatible with FX Select rotary encoder knobs for VCI-380 Series  
  • 2 kinds of density knurl: 2006 version fine, 2008 version medium
  • intended for rotating profile shaft D-type
  • easy exchange 



Descript KN DF-380 HP
Material Akrylnitril-Butandienstyrol (ABS), Polymer
Dimension ø13 mm, H=16 mm / shaft ø 5,8 - 6 mm D-type
Weight 4 g




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