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Original Japan four-input RCA terminal (CHINCH), insultation in various colors, factory assembled and designed for service replacement on the PCB board, for mixers PMC-280, PMC-05Pro, PMC-06Pro, PMC-50, PMC-250 a VMC-002 / VMC-004 Series. 

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 Originální náhradní díly  Original Japan  Doporučeno využít autoriz.servis     ENGLISH DATASHEET 


Original Japan four-input RCA terminal (CHINCH), insultation in various colors, factory assembled and designed for service replacement on the PCB board. All types of 4P terminals differ from each other by the arrangement of the soldering points and the fastening elements. These are original Vestax spare parts that are not interchangeable with similar parts from other manufacturers!

infoidea Tip: if you have not found your model, for which you need a 4P-RCA TERMINAL, please contact us.



  • original Japan factory assembled - four-input RCA terminal (CINCH) various types of terminals
  • 4P-RCA T280 ... for PMC-280 a VMC-002 / VMC-004 Series XL / XLu
  • 4P-RCA T05   ... for PMC-05Pro II / PMC-05Pro III / SL / VCA Series
  • 4P-RCA T180 ... for PMC-37Pro, PCV-180, PMC-270A / 275
  • 4P-RCA T05.4... for PMC-05Pro4 BLK / RED 
  • 4P-RCA T06   ... for PMC-06Pro VCA Series
  • 4P-RCA T250 ... for PMC-50, PMC-250
  • 4P-RCA T500 ... for PMC-500
  • for mounting on PCB as input / output terminal array



PDF soubor General table of spare parts and accessories Vestax (349 kB)
PDF soubor Table of compatibility CF, IF, PF, RF Vestax (1,85 MB)




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  1. Vestax 4p rca terminal (Rob Son, 22 Dec 2018 02:43:24) Reply | Show replies

    All models are same but different colors? or does it has to be exact same models i need to get


    1. Re: Vestax 4p rca terminal (ADMIN Vestax, 25 Dec 2018 15:28:56) Reply

      Well, each model connector looks at the first glance as well, but it differs (with the location, size and position of the pins to connect to PCB desk). A specific Vestax 4P-RCA connector is required for the selected mix (choose option).

  2. ต้องการซื่อ1ชิ้น RCA (วงเพชร สีเหลือง, 22 Jan 2021 00:17:13) Reply | Show replies

    102/25 ม12 ตไร่ขิง อ สามพราน จ นครปฐม 73210 ประเทศไทย

    1. Re: ต้องการซื่อ1ชิ้น RCA (Vestax ADMIN, 2 Feb 2021 14:40:51) Reply

      Hello we have on stock very much spec. types of 4-P RCA terminals. Choose pls. the terminal for which Vestax device you need.