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Shopping Guide Shopping Guide (EN)

Smart & simple users instructions, how to buy at our e-shop Vestax. We are worldwide one of the last companies dealing with products, replacement parts, servicing and technical support of Vestax brand.

Select productsSELECT

  • Select the product, that you want to buy. If you not find a product, it means, that either the products are temporarily in our e-shop or you have written improper keyword or product is removed from the e-shop menu, because was terminated their production.
  • On the product page you will find information including stock availability and current price (CZK) currency convertor, original manufacturer's manual and photos or video of product. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without notice, having no effect on the function or purpose of the product.
  • Information about the availability products - legend of symbols in the eshop:

    ON STOCK skladem Product available on stock, can be shipped quickly to customer.
    ON THE WAY na cestě Product on the way from manufacturer, on stock during 1 to 2 weeks *
    CUSTOM MADE na zakázku Custom product - order manufacturer, on stock during 3 to 5 weeks **
    AT SUPPLIER u dodavatele At the manufacturer, not known the date * of delivery. On request.
    UNAVAILABLE neznámý Product unavailable in the near future. Availability on request.
  • *) If the period of "product on the way" differs from the standard deadline for a given product featured Date / Month in which approximately Stock expect that product; see example infographic.
  • **) These products are custom manufacturing, subject to the provisions of §1837 of the CC (lockout of withdrawal from the purchase contract, within the meaning of Art. VII, §1 Terms and Conditions). Delivery time is informative.


  • Selected product using the "green icon basket" to insert a virtual shopping cart. You can directly in the text box (next to the cart)to mark the desired number of pieces product.
  • In a virtual shopping cart, check to see if you have everything you wanted to buy and whether it corresponds to your given number of pieces you want in a single purchase buy from us.
  • To terminate the purchase and display the total amount of the purchase, click on the upper right part of the e-shop on the link "Zobrazit košík". Displays a list of selected goods. In this step, you can remove the selected articles or edit the order quantity. Any changes confirm by pressing the "Přepočítat košík" and the total price of your purchase will be updated with this step.


  • From the menu you choose the method of shipping. Goods will be sent by Postal Insured Parcel / Mail Service by Czech Post in cooperation with your national Post Office, or DPD Classic Parcel and DHL Parcel Logistic Services. Both of them forms shipment is very safe, faster, and high standard fully insured. Price of DPD / DHL transport contains extraordinarily insurance.
  • Overview of shipping costs by destination region *

    Europe Europe Postal Insured Parcel 26 EUR / DHL Parcel Logistic 94 EUR
    Europe North America Postal Insured Parcel 75 USD / Economy shipment 35 USD (not insured).
    Europe South America Postal Insured Parcel 75 USD / Economy shipment 35 USD (not insured).
    Europe Asia Postal Insured Parcel 75 USD / Economy shipment 35 USD (not insured).
    Europe Pacific region Postal Insured Parcel, UPS, FedEx 85 USD / not Economy shipment
  • *) Shipping cost: sent by Postal Insured Parcel to countries in the region Europe 26 EUR (incl. extra shipping insurance). Sent by DPD Classic Parcel or DHL Parcel Logistic Services to countries in the region Europe cost approx. 94 EUR (incl. extra shipping insurance). Prices apply for shipping weight up to 5 kg (btto). For selected products - when buying over 626 EUR / 16.528 CZK - is shipping free to all countries in the region Europe. Delivery time aprox. 4-9 working days. When sending outside the EU countries, the contract shipping price applies. For other countries outside Europe - North America, South America, Australia or Pacific region we send goods by valuable insured postal shipment (insurance damage insurance, loss, etc.) The freight rate 75 USD (shipping weight up to 2 kg btto). Shipments are always insured. Delivery time aprox. 10-15 working days. Economy variant of the shipment cost 35 USD (shipment is not insured). Delivery time is the same.
  • Delivery time by destination region *

    Delivery Time Europe From 4 to 10 working days (by type of transport selected).         
    Delivery Time North America From 10 to 15 working days.
    Delivery Time South America From 10 to 15 working days.
    Delivery Time Asia From 15 to 30 working days.
    Delivery Time Pacific region From 15 to 30 working days.
  • Next step: please fill your shipping address and contacts - phone, email. About security safely log into e-shops across "mojeID" more listed below (NOT required).
  • If everything is allright, confirm the your order by pressing the red button "Confirm" to send your order to next step. After confirming the show total recapitulation of order.


  • In the last step, clicking on the blue icon GoPay online payment with SSL Security Protocol GeoTrust Inc™.
  • After clicking on the blue icon "GoPay" you will be quickly redirected to the Security payment gateway for make a online payment. VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards accepted. Payments GoPay are automatically converted (transfer from USD or EUR or your national currency to CZK will take place automatically online via GoPay gateway).
  • The GoPay payment gateway accepts the following types of payment cards:

    VISA Classic VISA Classic Standard debit or credit embossed payment card.
    VISA electron VISA Electron Electronic payment debit card with online authorization.
    V pay V pay European debit card with smart chip technology.
    MasterCard Standard MasterCard Standard Standard embossed debit or credit payment card.
    MasterCard Electronic MasterCard Electronic Electronic payment debit or credit card.
    Maestro Maestro Electronic payment debit or credit card.
  • After successful payment you receive on email confirmation of your payment.
  • On your email address, which you entered during making orders, you will receive further confirmation of receipt of the order and her actually condition.
  • Status order can be verified at any time online - at the SSL security link, that was sent in the confirmation email.
  • Before shipping ordered goods we send notified via e-mail (logistic data on the consignment).


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