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We are a foundation which operates this Vestax Store.

We try to keep this store with original spare parts from Japan, selected products from Vestax, support & helpdesk, user and services manuals for partners, service center. We organized a lot of events, workshops and public presentations for young beginners artists. We supported many music festivals and another events. And, of course, we run this eshop after declaration of bankruptcy in JP and the departure of companies from this market.

Now now has our foundation big trouble and because all services are under threat - it may happen cancellation of the last full-featured Vestax Store on European continent and perhaps the last in the world ...

christmas ring

Now is the time, when people from around the world contribute to different projects. Christmas season.

Did you like the brand Vestax ?

Do you have a someone product of this brand ?

Are You using product of Vestax ?

 Support Vestax and donate contribution only USD 25,-


For each of your donation we'll be grateful. Thank You!

Your contributions will be used to rescue Vestax Store. Anyone, who supports us and donates contribution, will get a personal special Vestax postcard wish for Christmas. In addition, 10 winners receive a small gift - the original memorial Japanese slipmat.


infotextNOTICE: We can, of course, support us by purchase in the our eshop; check in Vestax Store. Thank You.