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Cession from the contract

Here we provide important information on how to proceed correctly when you cession from the contract according to a Terms & Conditions Agreement (TCA) as defined in the our law and related regulations. Please pay attention to this information, allowing us to significantly speed up the entire claim process cancelling purchase.


If you happen to find that after purchase of the product are not what you expected and you want to return it within the statutory 14-days period, it is a claim for cancelling purchase and the return of the goods purchased in our e-shop stipulated by law. Notice: before sending goods back should be filled Protocol Cession from TCA (see below).

In the event that the goods you buy in the course of his business (which is decided by putting VAT on the purchase invoice/receipt) right of cession will not arise, because the TCA and our law does not provide this option.


  1. If you send your goods by mail or shipping company must be clearly marked on the package "COMPLAINT".
  2. If the package contains multiple items of claim, the shipment must contain a list of returned goods.
  3. In addition pls. you must attach the original valid proof of purchase (invoice).
  4. Please indicate the goods if possible, to its original state, to avoid the potential to reduce the amounts recovered by the costs incurred in bringing the goods to their original state.
  5. Send the goods exclusively cleaned, free of obvious impurities and hygienically harmless. We are entitled to refuse to take back such goods that their condition does not meet this requirement.
  6. We also recommend insuring the goods before shipment. If goods become damaged, the consignment will be rejected and returned to the sender to claim damage during shipment. How to correctly package a shipment ?

What the shipment must contain:

  • complete and undamaged goods stored in their original original packaging.
  • completed and signed paper form Cession from contract TCA, or fill it electronically 
  • paper form can be replaced by completing an electronic protocol (see below) online.
  • original proof of purchase (invoice).
  • in the case of gifts (bonuses), these bonuses must also be returned!
  • we ask that the original original packaging of the goods is not at the same time the outer packaging of the entire consignment; so that it could not be damaged during the transport of goods. Thank you.


We will return the money for the goods to the selected bank account or the way you choose in Protocol Cession from contract TCA, within 14 days of cession from the contract, but not before being delivered the returned goods to our warehouse. Important note: Do not send the goods to the address of the company's headquarters, but to the address of the our warehouse ! The cost of returning the goods in this case is on the buyer's side.

  • it is possible to cession from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days.
  • the 14 day period begins to run the next calendar day after receipt of the goods.
  • cession from the contract must be sent no later than the last day of the 14 day period.
  • unpacking or the use of goods does not invalidate the right to withdraw from the sales contract without giving any reason. Exceptions to the CZ law include products such as audio and video CD/DVD/BR, solid-state software, or software electronically supplied with a license key/code.
  • the goods need not be returned in the original packaging, in which case we have the right to cover the costs associated with bringing the goods back to their original state. This compensation will be deducted from the refund amount. (§ 9. of the Complaint Procedure incl. part of the Terms and Conditions).
  • we will return the money together with the credit note within 14 calendar days of cession from the contract TCA, but not before than we receive your returned goods to the address of the our central warehouse.
  • further information is provided in our Terms and Conditions.


Reason for cancellation:
Product type:
Serial Number:
Additional name:
Order Number:
Invoice Number:
Delivery Date:
Name and Surname:
Phone Number:
Cell Phone Number
How to refund money: POSTAL ORDER BY CHECK
Name of the Bank:
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Highlighted items are required. Check all data before sending!



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