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Company profile

logo VestaxThe company has long been the exclusive importer and distributor of the Japanese Vestax brand in the Central European region (Czech and Slovak republic). It also provided warranty and post-warranty service. In addition to classic distribution services it provides consultancy in the local bussines and markets, designs and budgets for new commercial installations, provides reconstruction and modernization of existing enterprises centers, guarantees branded Vestax warranty and post-warranty service and also offers financial services to our clients.

We are aware that the customer is always at the forefront and therefore it is our rule that the sale of our services does not end but starts. We place great emphasis on service and warranty conditions. The products we offer are always verified and we always guarantee their reliability and technical parameters. As part of the testing of new products, we collaborate with our specialists, sound engineers, music producers and disc jockeys who work with the device most of the time, and their suggestions and remarks are always critical if we place the product in our main offer and recommend it to our customer. Also important for us are references from domestic and foreign users. Your opinion is also of interest to us. We always approach customers individually and try to meet specific requirements, unlike other businesses where the customer only acts as an anonymous number in the database. We know our customers personally and we know what they need.

The company has been focusing on top professionals in the industry who are ready to provide you with a superior customer service as potential customers. Over the course of two decades, our specialists have gathered the vast amount of experience and knowledge they now offer you. We hope that you have also become our satisfied customers. Learn about the history of the legendary Japanese brand Vestax.



In all our activities, we support ecological intentions and efforts, leading to harmonious coexistence of man with nature and environmental protection. We place particular emphasis on distributing environmentally friendly products, mitigating environmental impacts and introducing recycling processes. By raising our environmental awareness, our employees are systematically led to a purposeful reduction in energy consumption, waste reduction and recycling. The company uses the products made from recycled materials to the maximum extent. All activities in the field of environmental policy of the company can be found in the separate section Environment.




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