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Exclusive Premium

Exclusive Premium Vestax Japan products ! Very exclusive and very limited number of this offers and products.


Vestax PMC-580Pro (E)

Vestax PMC-580Pro (E) 20%

Digital club mixing console four-channel with a huge variety of digitally generated effects, various combinations of user settings and great creative work with music. 6 parametric and level-controlled DSP effects on each channel and 11 parametric…

€ 41,303.00 without VAT
€ 1,516.00 € 1,895.00

Vestax PMC-500 (E)

Vestax PMC-500 (E) 20%

Club 5 channel mixer with up to 17 different signal sources for fixed installation in music clubs and discos as a versatile and comprehensive solution for all possible applications in such an environment. It respects the demands of sound engineers…

€ 39,328.00 without VAT
€ 1,432.00 € 1,790.00

Vestax VCM-600 (E)

Vestax VCM-600 (E) 25%

Professional DJ MIDI controller conceptually very close to a classic mixer. 8 audio and MIDI tracks, 6 scenes. Has been specially designed in collaboration with Ableton and also comes with this software. Quality construction, intuitive Ableton…

from € 11,561.00 without VAT
from € 403.50 from € 538.00

Vestax Spin (E)

Vestax Spin (E) 30%

MIDI controller was specialy developed for Apple iOS users. Dual channel USB MIDI controller with integrated sound card is designed for Apple iOS products Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Supplied with Algoriddim djay 3.0 for Mac software.

€ 4,950.50 without VAT
€ 160.30 € 229.00

Vestax VAI-80 TANK (E)

Vestax VAI-80 TANK (E) 30%

Professional USB sound card, stylish and elegant digital audio interface, allowing multi-channel playback and recording. For its unconventional design and durable construction it was nicknamed "TANK". It is an excellent instrument with high…

€ 6,520.00 without VAT
€ 205.80 € 294.00