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Discounts and outlet

Special discounts for selected Vestax products with extra free gifts and outlet sale at the best prices. Applies to appeal.


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Vestax CF-08Pro PCV KIT (d)

Vestax CF-08Pro PCV KIT (d) 20%

Original factory crossfader CF-08 PCV with DPS conectors, designed for PMC-08Pro hybrid digital mixers. Complete factory assembled KIT with mounting accessories for quick user exchange.

€ 2,719.00 without VAT
€ 101.52 € 126.90

Vestax PF-3000Pro KIT (d)

Vestax PF-3000Pro KIT (d) 5%

Original Japan factory replacement pitch fader KIT for basic speed control for PDX-2000 / PDX-3000 Series turntables and QFO / CTRL-One Premium turntables. KIT factory assembled with ALPHA™ (PG long-Life) fader, PCB board and JST connector.

€ 1,463.00 without VAT
€ 65.46 € 68.90

Vestax VAI-80 TANK (d)

Vestax VAI-80 TANK (d) 40%

Professional USB sound card, stylish and elegant digital audio interface, allowing multi-channel playback and recording. For its unconventional design and durable construction it was nicknamed "TANK". It is an excellent instrument with high…

€ 6,520.00 without VAT
€ 176.40 € 294.00

Vestax HS-1 SLV (d)

Vestax HS-1 SLV (d) 25%

Headshell, a Vestax Japanese luxury pickup holder; color of item in silver with distinctive dark black "V" logo and connecting cables with gold plated connectors. Extraordinary discount.

€ 1,066.00 without VAT
€ 37.43 € 49.90

Vestax VK-2300 PRO KIT (d)

Vestax VK-2300 PRO KIT (d) 10%

Original Japan premium hardware KIT, designed to upgrade Vestax PDX-2000 Series to best version, incl. sophisticated RPM control, big LED display, 4D Joystick (just like PDX-2300ProMkII Series). KIT includes four factory basic parts with mounting…

€ 4,537.00 without VAT
€ 179.01 € 198.90

Vestax V-MIDI (d)

Vestax V-MIDI (d) 50%

MIDI interface, smart & compact, easy-to-use for MIDI devices. They will be welcomed by musicians, producers and DJs who want to connect USB MIDI hardware with iOS applications like Apple iPad®, Apple iPhone® and Apple iPod touch®.…

€ 1,231.00 without VAT
€ 29.45 € 58.90

Vestax Extravaganza 2DVD

Vestax Extravaganza 2DVD 15%

An exclusive pair of DVDs, featuring the Vestax Extravaganza DJ World Championship final in Tokyo, Japan at the Xross Music Club under the auspices of Vestax Corporation. Limited collector's series of unique event.

€ 735.00 without VAT
€ 28.82 € 33.90

Virtual Reality Headset HVR-1

Virtual Reality Headset HVR-1 30%

Virtual Reality Headset The HVR-1 (Homido VR-1) is a top-of-the-line headset for entering the world of virtual reality. Used to connect your smartphone and thanks to this connection you get a unique set for virtual reality.

€ 1,479.00 without VAT
€ 48.23 € 68.90

Vestax VAI-40 (d)

Vestax VAI-40 (d) 50%

Professional USB sound card allows multi-channel recording with high sound quality. 4 mono / 2 stereo inputs and outputs. It is compatible with professional DAW and DJ software. Easy to operate. Compact metal chassis. Advantageous only for collectors!

€ 5,694.00 without VAT
€ 114.50 € 229.00

Vestax CF-410 KIT (d)

Vestax CF-410 KIT (d) 60%

Original Crossfader CF-410 KIT designed for multichannel mixers Vestax MDM-410. Complete factory assembled KIT with top cover plate marked with white lines, with PCB desk and JST connector. For quick user exchange.

€ 1,232.00 without VAT
€ 22.76 € 56.90

Vestax IF-400 SSF (d)

Vestax IF-400 SSF (d) 30%

Original Japan input fader IF-400 SSF (separate slide fader), designed for service replacement on the PCB IF board module for VCI-400 Series MIDI controllers. Designed to mount on module PCB board.

€ 727.00 without VAT
€ 23.73 € 33.90

Vestax IF-380 SSF (d)

Vestax IF-380 SSF (d) 30%

Original Japan input fader IF-380 SSF (separate slide fader), designed for service replacement on the PCB IF board module for MIDI controllers VCI-380 / VCI-380 RED / VCI-380 WHITE Series. Designed to mount on module PCB board.

€ 727.00 without VAT
€ 23.73 € 33.90

Vestax Soundwagon™ (d)

Vestax Soundwagon™ (d) 20%

The smallest portable vinyl player in the world from Japan in the shape of a popular car - Volkswagen Van. Built-in sensor with magnetodynamic pickup, preamplifier and speaker. Powered by 9V battery. Collectors Edition!

from € 2,884.00 without VAT
from € 111.20 from € 139.00

JBL T-shirt AUDIO (dct)

JBL T-shirt  AUDIO (dct) 40%

JBL premium T-shirt with short sleeves, for summer music festivals, for parties, for sports or just for everyday wear. Quality material 100% BA heavy 200G. JBL design print - AUDIO motif on the front, square logo on the sleeve and the back bottom…

from € 1,645.00 without VAT
from € 45.60 from € 76.00

Joy Factory E Countertop

Joy Factory E Countertop 40%

Professional all-metal POS stand with Joy Factory Elevate Countertop kiosk, designed for safe storage of Apple iPad. Ideal for public presentations, exhibitions or public spaces such as galleries, museums or restaurants and bars. Original Made…

€ 9,082.00 without VAT
€ 251.40 € 419.00